Victoria Lucas

Victoria Lucas (b.1982) is an interdisciplinary artist based in the North of England. Working predominantly with video and installation, her practice explores the ephemeral nature of existence over the passage of time. The transient nature of media selected is used to fleetingly re-construct and re-imagine past events, often from the starting point of an everyday object, sound or situation. These elements form an investigation into the everyday, capturing and bringing to light minutiae as a means to address underlying existential concerns.

Recent works have included The Search, an installation created for the Swap Project at The Hepworth Gallery in 2010. Comprising three speakers and a mixing desk, the sound of three voices fills the room and then dissipates, referencing the fading memory of their mother’s laugh that the artist and her two siblings strive to replicate. In Failed Attempts (2010), the artist re-constructs the consequences of a happening, by casting a series of dead insects in bronze. The creatures story of failure to escape from the gallery holds a metaphorical resonance in relation to our own failures, hopes and desires.

12 Months of Neon Love focuses on a year long collaboration between two artists. A red neon sign presenting a series of well known love song lyrics is erected for one year, its fleeting sentiments changing every four weeks. Fickle and transitory, the words echo the spectrum of emotions that all lovers experience, whether in love for a few months, a year, or a life time. The ephemeral nature of the project echoes the feeling of love and its limitations, and is as much about the pain that all lovers endure as it is the euphoric rapture the feeling of love can bestow. When the power is turned off and the neon lights go out, the work only exists in the photographs captured and the fading memory of the people who experienced it.

Lucas is currently based at Bloc Studios in Sheffield, UK. She exhibits both within the UK and internationally, and has artworks in private and institutional collections (including Tate Library and Archive, Tate Britain). In addition to this, she has worked both independently and collaboratively on a large number of curated projects, co-directed a Berlin-based residency programme in 2008/9, and is co-founder of Arts_Hub, a listserve that connects a growing network of visual artists and arts organisations in the Wakefield district. She completed her MFA at The University of Leeds in 2007, and is currently a Fine Art Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire.