Lynne Shaw

Lynne Shaw is a Fine Art Artist specialising in Artist Books produced using traditional book binding methods, printing and digital imagery.

Her books encompass a wide range of themes, including the chronicling of her past and that of others either close to or important to her in, ‘It’s Good to Talk . . .’, ‘Who, where, what and why?’ and ‘Dear Norma . . . from Mam’, which chronicles the heart wrenching postcards from her maternal grandmother to her mother as a child convalescing in a sanatorium in 1945.

Other themes include urban degeneration in ‘wish you were here . . .’ and ‘One Man’s Rubbish . . . ‘, candid emotion at football games in ‘’ and epitaphs from her local church.

Collaborative projects include ‘i am still alive . . .,’ which breathes new life into images from old books and ‘Juxtapose’, which brings together diverse imagery.

Book Art Artist: Conceive, make, share and adore . . .