Thomas Tomasska

About Time:

Hidden underneath the façade of our creative ideas is something unique that defines it, the substance if you like, there are ways of tapping into this, it’s a philosophy, it’s creative, to me it’s the truth in art.

About Time is about distilling the essence of an image and allowing the natural processes of being an artist to take their course, it’s about allowing the inherant qualities within an idea to be free of constraints, most of all it’s about creating inspirational imagery.

I create imagery derived from such disparate subject-matter as the frosty roof of a Nissan Micra, French street signs, tent toggles and squashed toads, these ideas have all been incorporated into my book designs, taking form along their own natural route, just as the potential for other, fragmentary aspects of my creative practice - elements of collage, drawings, thumbnail sketches and doodles – is fulfilled by their assimilation into book form.
Often I combine text with imagery or simply use the written word as a starting point, de-contextualising it, obscuring its descriptive nature and highlighting the beauty of type.

Thomas Tomasska 2012